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 Jones Explorer, reddish brown jacket and hat, tan skin, bluish grey shirt, dark tan legs and dark brown gun liner(~2.118 parts )

Polar explorer, brown hat with wide brim flat, tan legs with black pockets, red bandana, ice pick, light grey shirt and brown jacket (~1.943 parts )

Jungle-Desert explorer, brown hat with wide brim flat, black legs with pockets, red bandana, binoculars, tan shirt and yellow neck (~1.947 parts )

Female photographer, white pith helmet, red bandana, tan shirt and tan neck, red legs and video camera (~2.022 parts )

Botanist, white pith helmet, white torso and arms, red tie and brown suspender, green legs and magnifying glass (~2.011 parts )

Treasure adventure maps (total x 4 maps (~667 parts )

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